All finishing is done in-house. This allows us to have detailed control of the products being used on your piece and minimize color variation. No piece leaves our shop without being hand inspected.


We’ll work with you to achieve the perfect hue or texture for your project. Whether that means a specific wood stain to bring out a certain tone in the wood grain or a custom color match … we are not limited to a stock set of colors.


Once the proper color or stain is achieved, it's time to protect it. We use conversion varnish, catalyzed product for all of our base and topcoats.

Through our partnership with Chemcraft, we have access to some of the best finish products around. This ensures a hard and durable surface finish that will hold up against the elements. High solids content and UV protection ensure a final finish that is much stronger than typical lacquer applications. For special applications, we also have the capability of using polyurethane, oil and epoxy products, such as the Chemcraft Verde line.

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